Gao, Can

EOS Principal, Concert master, Faculty

As an internationalised young violinist, GAO Can has cooperated with many famous symphony orchestras all over the world, such as Houston Symphony Orchestra of the United States, Teatro Di San Carlo of Italy, Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra of South Africa, Atalia Chamber Orchestra; as a popular internationalised young violin soloist, he has cooperated with many international famous conductors, including Bernard Guller, a German maestro; Christoph Campestrini, an Austrian conductor; Mark Gibson, an American famous conductor; Roger Bausier, a Belgium conductor; and Roberto Polastri, an Italian conductor. In China, GAO Can has cooperated with almost all the mainstream symphony orchestras and main conductors, including China National Symphony Orchestra, China Film Orchestra, China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre Symphony Orchestra, Qingdao Symphony Orchestra of China, Hebei Symphony Orchestra of China, Xiamen Symphony Orchestra of China, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, Hunan Symphony Orchestra, Shandong Qilu Symphony Orchestra, Wuhan Symphony Orchestra and Inner Mongolia Symphony Orchestra.

He is one of the Chinese musicians, who have been invited by a wide range of the world-class music festivals, with performance schedules all over the world, including the Salzburg Festival in Austria, the Beethoven Festival in Bonn Germany, South Korea Dongying International Music Festival, Spain GETOX International Music Festival, Macau International Music Festival and Switzerland Will Bill Music Festival, and he has been invited to hold concerts in many most famous music halls, such as Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Centre in New York, Music Hall at Berlin Opera, Salzburg Mozart Music Hall, Disney Music Hall in Los Angeles, Royal Music Hall in Sweden, The National Opera of Lyon in France, Chicago Symphony Central Hall, Luzern KKL Music Hall in Switzerland, Nagoya Town Hall and Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

In 2009, GAO Can was one of the especially recommended musicians by “Oriental New Express” --- a project of Ministry of Culture of the P.R.C., and became one of the violists supported by Chinese Government. Project “Oriental Express” was initiated by Bureau for External Cultural Relations of Ministry of Culture in 2005, whose aim is promoting and advertising the best young artistic talents and opuses in the world mainstream cultural market.

GAO Can was the violin soloist for the music of the French movie --- and recorded for it, and the music of this movie has won the “Best Original Score” at Canada Film Festival; and his dance music “Cigarette Case Dance” was chosen to be the programme music by Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, which was shown to the world in the Closing Ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympics. Furthermore, Beijing New Music Ensemble, formed by some American musicians and him, have just recorded their first CD for NAXOS, the world fifth big record company, and the CD was released globally in 2009.

Zhang, Jingye

EOS Principal, Concert master, Faculty

One of the best Chinese young violists, chamber music performer, young teacher in Central Conservatory of Music, chief of Eos Orchestra, Director of Beijing Modern Music Festival, judge for 2011 CCTV Piano and Violin Competitions.

He has won many domestic and international violin competitions, including the violin competition of “The Golden Bell Awards”, which is the top music awards organized by Ministry of Culture of The People’s Republic of China, “Andrea Postacchini” International Violin Competition in Italy and so on. Furthermore, he used to win the “Bach Special Performance Award” in an international competition, which was won by only few Chinese violists.

As one of the most active young talent with the most frequent performances, his performances are throughout many countries and regions, including Europe, North America, Japan and so on. He has successfully held concerts in some world famous music halls, such as Carnegie Hall in New York, National Centre for the Performing Arts of China, Suntory Hall in Tokyo and etc., and has recorded by Swiss National Radio.

As the new force of China’s music education, Zhang Jingye participated in the form of "Gene Trio", "Beijing Quartet", "Landscape Quartet" and "Clouds and Quartet". He has served in "Classical Chamber Orchestra of Central Conservatory of Music", "China Youth Symphony Orchestra", "You Tube Symphony Orchestra" and "Cross-Strait Symphony Orchestra", and was the chief in "China Youth Symphony Orchestra", "PMF Symphony Orchestra", "EOS Symphony Orchestra", and has played as a soloist when cooperating with some orchestras in the world performing tour.

He has also closely cooperated with contemporary avant-garde artists, played and promoted a lot of new musical opuses actively, including which from some internationally renowned composers, such as Ye Xiaogang, Guo Wenjing, John Corigliano, Tan Dun and John Milton Cage, and some premiere opuses from many young composers.

Zhang Jingye is one of the students of Professor Lin Yaoji, who is a late national treasury violin education master, and he has also learnt from Professor Wang Guan, Professor Li Xiangyang and Professor Lin Chaoyang, and taught and favoured by many old masters of playing, including Stern, Zuckerman and Amadeus Quartet. During his school-days in Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, as one of the most promising young talents of playing chamber music in China, he appeared in the sequel of , which is a famous Oscar-winning documentary produced and starred in by the violin master Isaac Stern.

Li Da

sEOS Principal, Concert master, Faculty

LI Da, young violinist, a college teacher of the orchestra of Central Conservatory of Music. She started studying violin from her mother since her childhood and started studying in the primary school of Central Conservatory of Music in 1992. She was admitted to an undergraduate course with the highest scholarship and taught by Professor LIN Yaoji. She was recommended for admission to a postgraduate course in Central Conservatory with the best result in 2005 and she elected to teach here after graduation in 2008.

She has won some awards in some competitions continuously, including the Violin Competition in Central Conservatory of Music, National Violin Competition, China-France Mi Do Competition and Palatino composing and performing competition. As a young musician, she has successfully hold solo concerts not only in the Concert Hall of Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing International Art Gallery, Beijing Concert Hall, Hangzhou Grand Theatre, Xi'an Concert Hall, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Tokyo National Theatre of Japan, but also did a lot of research on chamber music and symphony performance, and participated in each big music festival as both a soloist and an ensemble, on-campus and off-campus, domestically and internationally, and recorded, and she was invited to play the solo and chamber music in the Music Festival of Central Conservatory of Music, the Chamber Music Festival of Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing International Modern Music festival, China Modern Electronic Music Festival, the Windows of the World Art Festival, the "West Lake" International Music Festival, Beijing Pioneer Art Week, "China-Italy" Culture Year and Asian Youth Talents Art Festival.

She has concentrated on the studies on violin solo, chamber music and symphony performance, and practised them widely, and she is one of the all-around performers, who is the most active and performed most frequently, and she is the new force for Chinese classical music education.